B.Ed (Bachelor of Education)

This course is designed to prepare students for the noble Profession of teaching. The aim of the program is to provide teachers to the society with the philosophical depth and vision of life, a concern for community and social progress, psychological understanding of the pupils, technical proficiency to make sure that the students learn effective, managerial skills to form a conducive and efficient educational environment. In sum, we nurture students to make them skillful, efficient and effective teachers as well as ideal educators.

Students are equipped with such intellectual abilities, attitude and skill that they can cope with the fast changing world of knowledge and technology; and take care of coming generation's developmental needs and societal aspirations. They are empowered to triumph in the competitive job market and succeed in the profession. For this, we provide students with a multi-faceted opportunity to learn from educators, guest professors through, discussions, debates, seminars, projects, tours, internships etc.

Need for quality education has become a global concern. The teachers should be efficient professionals having rich combination of skills, knowledge and experience as well as responsibility and commitment to work in a world of new demands.

There is great spurt in literacy rate in the country. Consequently a large number of schools are coming up both in urban and rural areas. Thus, creating a never demand for good teachers both in English as well as regional language schools.