Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering is a discipline that studies application of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism. The prime filed of work deals with electricity generation and transmission. With the passage of time Electrical engineering has diversified into the fields of electronics, telecommunications and computer engineering. Electrical Engineering has acquired center stage as it promises to deliver the next generation electric vehicle technology which promises multiple benefits.

Doon Group of Institutes
Doon Group of Institutes

The diploma aims to arm the students the basic understanding of electricity so that they can deal expertly work in electrical environment in industry. Emphasis is laid on foundation science courses and basics courses in Electrical & Electricity. The students also learn statistical power analysis to work in dedicated power engineering scenario. The students explore energy audit, energy quality and energy management.

Course Type Diploma
Course Duration 3 Years (Fresh Entry) / 2 Years (Lateral Entry)
Eligibility X & XII with PCM
Admission Procedure UTU Ranking

Job Opportunities

Electricity and its applications are ubiquitous in almost all manufacturing and industrial installations. Diploma graduates are usually hired in sectors like power transmission, power audit, power monitoring, maintenance etc.

Diploma holders can get most opportunities in sector involving electrical appliances, machinery and components. Their maintenance vendoring and supply chain management is another avenue for employment. The power sector has is the prime recruiter of diploma graduates. Here they can be employed in Power generation and transmission. Construction sector is the big recruiter of diploma holders.