Lecture Theatre

Lecture Theatre

Our Lecture Halls are thoughtfully designed to include high quality learning and are equipped for education through various media like OHPs, multimedia presentations and Display panels.

A variety of learning tools ensure thorough experimental acquisition of knowledge and skills. Role play, case study, project work, field experience, assignment, quiz, seminars, industry visits are some of the methods used. Students are encouraged to develop analytical skills and contribute at various forums like in-house publications, workshops and seminars.

Substantial investment in the latest information technology ensures that students have access to library and computing facilities of the highest quality, with an array of networked PCs, subject-specific software and access to internet & intranet.

Teaching Aids

Lecture sessions are conducted with the help of modern teaching aids. The institute is well equipped with sufficient number of LCDs, projectors, project slides, educational audio video cassettes, CDs, television, VCRs and other gadgets that are essential for any first rate professional institution.