Mechanical Engineering

Doon Group of Institutes
Doon Group of Institutes

The department of Mechanical Engineering started in the year of 2010. Since then the department of Mechanical Engineering strives for increasing the knowledge, enhancing the critical thinking, ability to change information into knowledge and power of analyzing the things technically of each and every individual of ever changing society through students.

We always intend to impart knowledge through a family of highly competent faculty members. Department of Mechanical Engineering plays a vital role in an engineering college catering to the teaching of Mechanical, Automobile, Thermal, Manufacturing, Design and Material Science Courses for Engineering students.

Our Laboratories have been very well established not only to cover complete syllabus but to motivate students to learn beyond the syllabus which definitely develops complete knowledge of the subject and develop skill sets of students to become promising future engineers.

Department Laboratories

  • Well Equipped Workshop
  • Basic Mechanical Engineering Lab
  • Machine DRG. & Design Lab
  • Manufacturing Process Lab
  • Matrology Lab
  • Fluid Mechanics and Machine Lab
  • HMT and RAC Lab
  • Automobile Lab

Vision and Mission

To establish our department in all respect so as to make our institute as a centre of excellence.To produce our institute as a leader in the development of human capital.

3rd Semester

Subject Code Subject Title
TMA 303 Engg. Mathematics
TME 302 Material Science & Metallurgy
TME 303 Mechanics of Materials
TME 304 Basic Thermodynamics
TME305 Manufacturing Processes I
PME 311 Computer Aided Machine Drawing
PME 312 Metallography & Material Testing Laboratory
PME 313 Foundry & Forging Lab
SME301 Seminar
GP301 General Proficiency
XCS 301 Career Skills-I

4th Semester

Subject Code Subject Title
TME401 Applied Thermodynamics
TME402 Industrial Engineering
TME403 Manufacturing Processes II
TME404 Mechanical Measurements& Metrology
TME405 Kinematics of Machines
PME411 Machine Shop
PME412 Applied Thermodynamics Lab
PME413 Measurements& Metrology Lab
SME401 Seminar
XCS401 Career Skills-II
GP401 General Proficiency

5th Semester

Subject Code Subject Title
TME501 Heat & Mass Transfer
TME 502 Design of Machine Elements I
TME503 Dynamics of Machines
TME504 Fluid Mechanics
TME511 Matlab for Mechanical Engineers
PME511 HMT Lab
PME512 DOM Lab
PME513 Fluid Mechanics Lab
SME501 Seminar
XCS501 Career Skills-III
GP501 General Proficiency

6th Semester

Subject Code Subject Title
TME601 Refrigeration & Air conditioning
TME602 Design of machine elements II
TME603 I.C. Engines
TME604 Fluid Machinery
Elective I
PME611 Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Lab.
PME612 Design Lab.
PME613 Fluid Machinery Lab.
MEP601 Mini Project
GP601 General Proficiency
XCS601 Career Skills-IV

Elective I

Subject Code Elective name
TME 611 Finite Element Method
TME 612 Quality Control
TME 613 Total Quality Management

7th Semester

Subject Code Subject Title
TME701 Mechanical Vibration
TME703 Tribology
TME704 Operation research & optimization technique
PME711 Automation & FMS Lab.
PME712 Modeling & analysis lab.
PME713 Industrial Training & Seminar
PCV702 Comprehensive Viva
MEP701 Project work Phase I
GP701 General Proficiency

List of Electives-II

Subject Code Elective name
TME711 Advanced Welding Technology
TME712 Hydraulics & Pneumatics
TME713 Machine Tool Design

8th Semester

Subject Code Subject Title
TME801 Automobile Engineering
TME802 Powerplant Engineering
Elective III
UCE801 Disaster Management
PME811 Automobile Lab
MEP801 Project work Phase II
GP801 General Proficiency

List of Electives-III

Subject Code Elective name
TME811 Computer Integrated Manufacturing
TME812 Non-Conventional Energy Resources
TME813 Agile Manufacturing Year & Sem Branch Lab Name Lab Equipment Name
S. No.    Year & Sem Branch Lab Name Lab Equipments Name
1 3rd & 5th ME DOM and MD Lab Knuckle Joint, Cotter Joint, Gyroscope, Governor, Cam and Follower Apparatus, Ball Bearing, Gate Valve, Compound Gearing, Screw Jack, Roller Bearing, Model of generation of Involute Gear Tooth Profile by use of Rack Cutter, Model of In volute Rack Pinion, Spring, Model of Flange Coupling.
2 3rd & 5th ME RAC Lab Air Conditioning Test Rig, Refrigeration Test Rig, Model of Different Type of Evaporator, Model of different type of Expansion Valve, 2 stage air compressor Test Rig.
3 3rd & 5th ME HMT Lab Forced Convection Apparatus, Natural and Forced Convection Apparatus, Stefen Boltzman Apparatus, Composite Cylinder Apparatus, Conduction through composite wall, Free convection Apparatus, Double pipe heat exchanger, Emissivity measurement Apparatus
4 2nd & 4th ME Applied Thermo Lab Babcock Wilcox Boiler, Cochran Boiler, Locomotive, Model of Turbojet Engine
5 3rd & 6th ME Fluid Machinery Hydraulic Ram Testing Rig, Hydraulic Brakes Testing Rig, Reciprocating Pump Test Rig, Centrifugal Pump test rig, Francis Turbine Test Rig, Pelton Wheel Turbine Testing Rig,
6 2nd & 3rd ME Fluid Mechanics Apparatus for conducting orifice meter Exp, Reynolds apparatus, Flow through Venturimeter and Orificemeter apparatus, Losses in pipe fitting, Pipe friction apparatus, Pitot static Tube apparatus Apparatus for verification of Bernoulli theorem, Flat bottom vessel apparatus, Flow over rectangular and V notch tank apparatus, Metacentric Height test rig
7 2nd & 4th ME Manfctg. Sc. I Grain fineness number determination Machine, Hand injection moulding machine with plastic, Hand forging anvil and hammer, Tube bending Machine, Pedestrial grinder, Wire drawing machine Sheet bending machine, mould making copes and Drags with other accessories, furnance for melting metal having low melting point,
8 2nd & 3rd ME Material Science Plastic moulding machine, Heat treatment furnance, UTM, Impact Testing Machine, Hardness testing Machine, Deflection of beam apparatus, Polishing Machine.
9 2nd & 4th ME MMC Lab Vernier calliper, Micrometer, Tachometer, Measurement of effective diameter of screw by three wire method apparatus, Sine bar and slip gauges, Limit gauges, Bevel protactor, Feeler gauges, Dial indicator
10 1st & 1st-2nd ME BME Lab Steam engine Model, Two stroke and four stroke IC engine model, Diesel engine Prototype, Window type AC, UTM, Izod-Charpy Impact Testing machine, Flywheel apparatus, Inclined plane of friction slide apparatus, Single and Double purchase crab apparatus,
11 1st & 1st-2nd ME Workshop prtactice Lathes with all cutting tools, Shaper machine, Arc welding machine, Gas welding equipment, Spot Welding equipment, Forging anvils, Carpentry benches with vices and all carpentry tools, Fitting benches with all tools and vices, Plumbing bench with pipevices and all tools, Power saw machine, Pillar drilling machine, Bench Grinder machine.

The job prospect for mechanical engineers is very robust. In the public sector they can opt for the prestigious Indian Engineering Examinations to be placed in high prolife public sector technology jobs. Similarly they can access a number of engineering profiles at the State and Central Government level via a number of entrance exams. These include the prestigious Civil Services Exams. The Indian Armed Forces are a major recruiter of Mechanical Engineers.

In the private sector there is huge demand for Mechanical Engineering graduates. The automobile, shipping, aviation, manufacturing, power and environmental sectors are the prime source of employment. A degree in management expands the job suitability and engineers can work as a consultant and planners.